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Winthrop's fleet sails from the Isle of Wight

A Fast kept  on the Ships

Matthew Cradock bids Farewell to the Fleet

Danger feared from Hostile Ships

Captain Kirk encountered on the High Seas

Tempest strikes the Fleet

Mount Desert sighted

Arbella casts anchor in Salem Harbor

Expediton to Massachusetts Bay

Marriage of John Endicott

Settlement at Charlestown

Death of Lady Arabella and Isaac Johnson

Boston occupied and a Church organized Salem, Dorchester, Watertwon, and Roxbury named

The Plantation set in Order

Winter Severities




Gardiner, Morton and Ratcliffe make trouble

Thanksgiving over Friends preserved and Foes


Arrival of John Cotton, Thomas Hooker and

John Haynes

John Oldham goes Overland to the Connecticut

The Blessing of the Bay sails to the

Connecticut and the Dutch

John Cotton made Teacher of the Boston Church

Roger Williams at Salem takes exception

Two Sagamores and Most of their Folks die of Smallpox

The Lord directs through John Cotton the Support ofThe Ministers








Roger Williams gives Trouble

Short Story

Hugh Peter's Practical Benevolence

the Church against Vane and Peter set themselves up as Arbiters 

Flag devised leaving out the Cross

Henry Vane elected Governor


The King's Colors set up at Castle Island


Murder of John Oldham brings on the Pequot War


Narragansetts remain Friendly


Endicott's Expedition to Block Island

resumed;  Winthrop´┐Żs Defense

Miantonomo received in Boston

Anne Hutchinson give Trouble

Distraction in the New England Churches

The French claim most of the Maine Coast

General Court and the Elders take Council

John Cotton intervenes and is disapproved





Erroneous Opinions still Prevailing make Acknowledgement of

Mrs. Hutchinson dealt with by the Church

Boston Church ill-received in

She is Excommunicated

Hutchinsonians buy Aquidneck, an Island in

Charles Chauncy

Narragansett Bay

Lord Saye disparage New

God's Displeasure at Mrs. Hutchinson shown

Men from thence

by a monstrous Birth

A great Earthquake experienced

Uncas the Mohican proffers Friendship

Many Hutchinsonians go to Aquidneck

Excuse given for not surrendering the Patent

Underhill suspected of Incontinence 

Evil of new Fashions and costly Apparel

Massachusetts displeased with the Piscataqua


The Rowley Church bewail their Shortcomings

Fast over Illness and Decay of religion

Cotton's Self-accusation

The Devil bestirs himself 





Prevalence of Illness

Friendly Overtures from Chickatabot and other Sachems

Rev. John Wilson departs for England

Roger Williams at Salem

Sir Christopher Gardiner 

Philip Ratcliffe disciplined for traducing Church and Government

The Blessing of the Bay Launched

Piscataqua heard from

The Lyon arrives, with important Succor

Bradford of Plymouth visits Boston












The Narragansetts lose Seven Hundred by Smallpox

Controversy as to Women's wearing Veils

Satan bestirs himself to Distract the Churches 

Deputies sent from Townes to General Court

The Killing of Hockin 

Thomas Dudley chosen Governor 

Four General Courts a Year, of Magistrates and Deputies 

News of the Founding of Maryland

Archbishops and Others try to stay the Ships and annual the Patent 

Profitable Trade with Manhattan and the Kennebec Country Newtown desires to Remove to Connecticut Legislation against Tobacco, Costly Apparel, etc. Threatenings of the Privy Council against our Patent The Cross cut out of the Ensign at Salem Pequots desire our Friendship John Eliot, Friend of Massachusetts Indians The Dutch to the Westward cause Anxiety





General Fast over the miserable Estate of the Churches

Wheelwright questioned on Account of his Sermon

Underhill sent to Connecticut with Soldiers

Reluctance of Plymouth to take Part in the War

Winthrop made governor at stormy Session

Cotton and Shepard as reconcilers 

John Mason's Victory over the Pequots

Discontent of Henry Vane

Pequots Dispersed and Destroyed

Three Hundred and Sixty Immigrants in one Day

Sir Ferdinando Gorges wishes to be Governor-General

Pequot Survivors deported and enslaved

Henry Vane departs for England

A Movement toward Confederation of the Colonies

Synod convened to deal with the Errors

The Case of William Schooler

Thanksgiving for the Success in War and in the Synod

Hutchinsonians disfranchised and banished

Mrs. Hutchinson summoned before the Court

A Short Story, etc., Composed and Sent to England








Errors at the Church at Weymouth

A Printing-House set up at Cambridge

Hanserd Knollys at Piscataqua disapproved

The Devil fetches away five Indians while 


Cotton defines how Ministers should be maintained

A thousand Soldiers exercised at Boston

An embarrassing Letter from the Lords Commissioners

Connecticut desires a Confederation of the Colonies

Winthrop reelected; the Towns jealous of their Liberties

Popular Jealousy of the Magistrates

God deprives Hooker, while preaching, of his Strength and


Many People arrive and new Towns founded

Vagaries of Roger Williams at Providence

The College suffers at the Hands of Nathaniel Eaton

Captain Robert Keayne  convented for Extortion

Commercial Ethics expounded by John Cotton

Dispute over the Location of a new Meeting-House

A Thief and a Murderer baulked by a special Providence

The Body of Laws submitted to the Towns for Consideration

An Ordinance against drinking Healths

The Elders and the Court on excessive Church-going





People press for more Power

Winthrop reelected Governor; Deputies

Chosen  for the Towns

The French to the Eastward heard from

Church consulted after the Congregational Way

Winthrop and Dudley disagree

Narragansetts send Envoys

Return of Rev. John Wilson

Winthrop visits Plymouth

Pirates give Trouble to the Eastward

Gorges and Mason Petition against us













Interference from England feared

Military Commission established

John Hayns chosen Governor

Endicott questioned about Defacing the Ensign Disturbed Relations between Magistrates and Deputies

Fear of the Schemes of Gorges and Mason

Roger Williams called to Account for Dangerous Opinions

The French capture Penobscot, a Plantation of Plymouth

Arrival of Thomas Shepard and Hugh Peter Young Henry Vane, called to the Obedience of the Gospel Hugh Peter's Practical Good Sense






Extract FROM THE Short Story

The Accusations of the Church against Mrs. Hutchinson

Cotton's Admonition

Her Unsatisfactory Answers

She is Excommunicated

Journal resumed;  Winthrop's Defense























Knollys and Underhill make Acknowledgement of Messengers of the Boston Church ill-received in

Rhode Island

Heresies of the Rev. Charles Chauncy

John Humphrey and Lord Saye disparage New

England and divert Men from thence