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(Ct. Towns & Lands. State Archives)


May 1657


This present writing wittneseth that I Towetanome Sagamore att Pagaset & Raskonate with ye consent of all Pagaset Indians doe freely and fully make over from us our Heires & assigns & doe freely give a parcel of land lying bee twene Podertoke river & Nagatuck river: Podertoke river bounding it on the southwest; Nagatuck river north east; & bounded on ye north west with trees marked by our selves & other Indians; to Thomas Wheler of Stratford his heires & assigns for ever quietly to possess it & doe free ye said land from all claims of any Indian or Indians; & this afore said land we doe freely give to the afore said Thomas Wheler and his heires for ever Upon condition that hee come to live on it himself;; & if the said Thomas Wheler sells the said land it must be to such a man as wee like; in witness here of we have sett toe our hands: may: 1657:


In presents of:

Ruth WhelerHer marke TowetanomowX his marke

Timothy WheellerRaskenateX his marke

WampegonX his marke

ManompX his marke

Jams X his marke



March 3 1659/60




At a meeting with Towtanimoe Sagamore of Pawgasutt, together with some other Pagasett Indians his subjects, at the house of Richard Baldwin at Milford, March 2nd, 1659-1660:

The sayd sagmore did grant, the meadow known and denominated by the name Hogg Meadow unto Richard Baldwin, and doth further promise and engage that when the proprietors of Pawgasutt shall there come to possesse and improve there property there, he will then sell and make over to them what other upland or meadow shall be for their convenience.And likewise doth engage in the meantime not to make over, sell or dispose of any land between the west branch of Milford Mill River and Potatuck River east and west, and from the little river on the north side of Grassy Hill and so northward unto the hither end of the place commonly called Deares Delight, unto any other. Persons whatever.This grant is signed by the marks of Tawtanimoe, James, Chub, Succuscoge, Secochanneege, Sassaughsough & Wauwumpecun, Indians then present.



September 6, 1661


By a subsequent grant, Sept. 6th, 1661, Tawtanimo gave to Richard Baldwin all the upland adjacent to Hoggs Meadow within the following bounds; to begin at Milford line on the south side, and the north side goeth up the path which goeth from Pagasett to New Haven: and the west side from Milford line where the cartway now is that goeth over the Brooke which is on the north side of Grassy Hill, and so broad as it is there, to Milford Mill river, the same breadth it is to runn from sayd Mill River at Pagasett path on the north side towards Pagasett: also all the great swampe that lyeth on the east side of the sayd Mill River from Milford lyne northward and eastward, unto the outmost bounds of it. Subscribed by the marks of Towtanimoe, Younkitihue, & Towhenge, Indians present at the giving of the land, and witnessed by Michael Tompkins, John Baldwin Junr.


April 4, 1664


This may satisfy that I Ocenance, Sachem of Pagasett have sold to Thomas Wheeler of Pagasett a land lying in the river called Podertock river lying before his house southward from his house containing three to four acres more or less I doe hereby freely and fully make it over myself my heires & assigns & from all other to the aforesaid Thomas Wheeler his heires or assigns.




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