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(Ct. Towns & Lands. State Archives)

FEBRUARY 22, 1658

This present writing declareth, we Ansantaway and my wife do make over and alienate unto the Inhabitants of stratford all our right in a tract of land being as far as the river called the futher far as the bounds of us our Paugusit Indians milne river by woronoke and westward as lies, with the mark the trees as our bounds did goe before english of the aforesayed town and it was alienated to also do engadge that no other Indians shall the English as abovesayed. We lay any charge unto and we doe leave it to the town aforesayed to any of the aforesayed lands, give us for this land as they meet. And we doe give free liberty for the shall see good and aforesayed town their cattle to go milne river northward and north-west as beyond that further they did, peacably and quietly; we Indians doe thus agree as witness our hands and Paugusit in the name of the rest. this February 22, 1658."

"This is a true copy of a bill of sale signed by Ansantaway, his wife and Towtanamy the chief sagamore."

April 12, 1659

APRIL 12, 1659

"Bee it known to all men by this presents ye Wee Wompeag and Saquachana and Sewatan doe sell to Moses Wheeler of Stratford ferry-man a parcel of ground lying alongst Potatuck river ye East end of itt being on a small river wch they say is nayump ye west end bounding to the great Rock wch Reacheth the full length of all yt plain piece of ground, and also to have two mile and a halfe of ground on ye upland and all ye meadow wthin yt Bounds. Wee whose Names are above written doe sell to ye sd Moses and doe binde ourselves yt hee shall peacably enjoy itt hee or his Assigns. In witness wherof we sett to our hand and seale.

Sealed and delivered in presence of Wompe V witness

Samuel Wheeler, Moses Johnson, April 22, 1659

WompeagXhis marke

SequachanaXhis marke

SawatamXhis marke


JUNE 5, 1660

"An agreement betwixt Wampeagy, Ansutu, Wampeug, Aquiump, and OnePenny, Indians of ye one party and Bray Rosseter of Guilford ye other party as followeth: All the afores'd Indians do passover, assign and sell (for a debt due) unto ye sd, Bray Rosseter one hundred acres of land on ye west side of ye river yt passeth up by Stratford ferry, ( a little below ye land of Milford men at Paugesutt) the said one hundred acres to begin at ye River and to take all ye breadth betwixt two small brooks and soe backward until ye sume be made upp, with all ye priviledges of ye River for fishing lying before ye said land, and ye said Indians doe further promise and engage to sell what other lands ye sd Bray Rosseter shall desire to buy behind ye same farther in ye woods upon like indifferent terms, in witness our hands.



WompeagX marke


OnepennyX marke

Wompeagy, Nansuta, and Onepenny desired to set down ye names of Wompeag and Acquiamp Sagemes affirming yt they consented unto ye same in presence of before subscribing ye Indians desired mee to sett there marks then consented to it & delivered it together.

Elizabeth RosseterWitnessGeorge Bartlett

Wompeag appeared before mee ye 28th day of February 1684 & did acknowledge the above writing to be his free Act & deed & did Confirme it to ye sd. Rositer with the consent of Wompeag, Acquiamp, Nansuty, and Onepenny as he saith.



" For and upon good consideration moving me thereunto I make over alienate and freely give to my loving friend Joseph Judson of Stratford in ye jurisdiction of connecticot, to him, his heirs and assigns (to have and to hold without molestation or trouble from any Indian or Indians whatsoever laying clayme or challenge) forever a parcell of land bounded on the northwest by ye lower part of Moose hill, on ye west with ye nere sprayne of ye far mill River, on ye south at ye parting of ye spraynes of ye far mill river called by ye English ye Trapfalls, and on ye east by ye northeast soraine of ye far mill River, soe running to ye pine swamp at ye head of ye River. This parcel of land called by ye English ye Mohegan Hills and by ye Indians Ackquunokquahou, I Amantaneag doe give as aforesd with all ye privileges and appertenances, the meadow or what else belongs thereto as witness my hand and seale ye day and date above written."

"There is also a hop garden by ye river, though on ye other side, which I doe also freely give to aforesaid Joseph Judson and his forever."

Witnessed by us and delivered in our presence,

Edward Higbee, Hugh Griffen, John Minor.

The Marke ofXSuchsquoke

The Marke ofXWunnubber

The Marke ofXAmantaneag

The Marke ofXAkenotch

The Marke ofX Ansantaway

The Marke ofX Acquiumps


"This present writing wittnesseth yt I, Wompeagan who am ye lawful Heire to all ye Indian rights and priviledges yt did aforetime belong to ye e on ye west wth chems and my Grandfather and since to other sachems, my uncles who were ye legall proprietors of a great tract of land lying west from ye farr mill River at Woronoke bounded on ye east wth a pine swamp at ye east spraine of ye far mill river bounded on ye west wth ye west spraine of Paquannock river on ye south wth ye lower parts of Moose hill and bounded on ye north wth ye Assuntokeweag a place so named about a mile and a halfe north from ye upper part of Moose hill, and Norwest wth a place called Manantuck running as far as Pootatuck path I say I Wompegan doe not onely herby Confirm what formerly granted and freely bequethed to Joseph Judson of Stratford in ye Jurisdiction of Connecticott by Weenepes my uncle I being a wittness to what hee did and itbeing for substance ye same wch I doe at presemt but alsoe I doe hereby give and freely bequeth to ye aforesd Joseph Judson ye aformentioned tract of land to him, His heires and Assigns forever to have and to hould without Molestation trouble from any person or persons, Indian, or Indians wtsoever yt shall lay clayme or challenge any part of ye sd land by virtue of any title or interest wtsoever therein; I say I give and freely bequeth ye aforesd land wth all ye appurtenances and priviledges hereto belonging as hunting &c. with all dues to ye uppon this consideration Waforesd land as if I were personally to enjoy the customes thereto belonging myselfe. The aforesd Joseph Judson promising yt uppon this consideration Wompegan his first cousins named Poidge, Keenummojeck, Mohmowetak shall have a free liberty to hunt for deare uppon ye aforesaid tract of land for ye assurance hereof yt this is my act and deed is witnesses by subscribing this ninth of September one thousand six hundred sixty one."

Witnessed by us

Robt. R.W. MeaherX his marke

Arthur Cammines

John Minor

WompeganX his marke

AkenotchXSagamore of Pagusett

AnsantawayX his marke

This writing made ye 14th May 1662 wittnesseth yt I Acquimump upon good consideration doe confirm ye abovsd gift by Wompegan or any before to Joseph Judson of Stratford. I Acquiump Sachem of Pootatuck doe confirm ye same in every particular by subscribing ye day and date above written.

Witnessed by us and subscribed in our presence

Timothy Willcockson

John Minor

QuimupX his markeSachem of Pootatuck

being´┐Ż related to Wompegan

PoidgeX his marke

QupataquenoX his marke

ChepenettX his marke

DECEMBER 4, 1661

"This indenture made the 4th day of December, in the year of Our Lord Christ one thousand six hundred and sixty one between Towtanamy and his mother the wife of Ansantaway being the Chief of Sagamore and Pagusit on the one parte and Samuel Sherman and John Hurd and Caleb Nichols, Townsmen in the name of the inhabitants of the town of Stratford in the colony of Connecticoute on the other part. Whereas the said towtanimy is now lawfully seized to him and his heayers and asigns forever of and in all that plot of land lying and being between the nerer Milne river and the father Milne river commonly so called by the English and being the bounds south and northeast upon Stratford River and west with the bare swamp called by the Indians Makoron, northwest on black brook's mouth: now this indenture witnesseth that the sayd tantanimy and in the name of all the rest of the Indians of pawgasit for and in consideration of twelve pound of trading cloth and one blanket to him in hand payed before the writing hereof by the say'd Samuel Sherwood, John Hurd and Caleb Nichcols and for other considerations his the sayd towtanamy, thereunto moving hath given, granted, bargained, should enfeoffed and confirmed by these presents do Samuel Sherman, John Hurd, and Caleb Nichcols and the inhabitants of Stratford aforesayed for ever all and every part pf the sayd parcel of land above written being between the Mill Rivers and all the sayd Towtanamy's right and interest thereunto.

Towtanomow, Sagamore, X his marke

Ansantaway, X his marke

Unctine, X his marke

Chipes, X his marke

APRIL 22, 1662

"Know all ye men by these presents yt I Okenonge ye only Sachem of Pagasitt doe freely give and bequeath unto my loving friends Ensign Joseph Judson and Joseph Hawley and John Minor of Stratford in ye Colony of Connecticott a parcel of Land bee it more or less lying on ye west of ye land which ye aforesd town of Stratford hath purchased of mee and it being all yt lyes on ye west of wt is already purchased yt belongs to me and Pagassett Indians. That I give the above as tract of land to ye aforenamed persons to have and to hold without molestation or trouble by any Indian or Indians whatsoever: I say to them and theire Heires forever as witness my hand this 22d April 1662.

Nansantaway, Chipps, Okenonge, XXX their markes

MAY 26, 1663

An agreement of friendship and loving correspondence agreed upon between is and the town of Stratford. We will no more plant on the south side of the great river Pugusett, to prevent a ground of future variance between us in order to any damage that migh be done to corn. And also do hereby engage that we will not either directly or indirectly sell, bargain, alienate or make over lands or any part of our land at Paugasett or thereabouts, with the privileges therein adjoining to any other English resident in any part of the country except Stratford.

OkenungeX his marke

NansantawayX his marke

AmantaneguX his marke

MunsuckX his marke

AsynetmoguX his marke

NompunckX his marke

JemioguX his marke

AhuntawayX his marke

RonuckousX his marke

AUGUST 16, 1668


"Be it known.. that I Puckwomp, by virtue of full power unto me given .. by my brother Kehore, now living in Hartford, who hath sent his son Nanatoush to join with me to sell to Joseph Hawley and Henry Tomlinson, both of Stratford .. all that tract of land lying upon Great Neck near unto Paugassett, bounded by the Great river on the south-west, north and north-west by a small river and the south end of the Great Hill. South and south-east by marked trees; all which land .. reaching into the middle of the neck, for which land we do confess to have received now in hand .. in several goods to the just value of five pounds sterling.

Atterosse, Sagamore








MAY, 1680



The Committee appoynted to hear the Indians, having heard their affayres and matters, doe propound to this court as followeth, viz., as in theire return on file.

As to Ackenach, sachem of Milford and Pauigesuck, complaines that he wants land, though Stratford men doe produce a deed of sale of the purchase of theire township of the Indians, which deed is a clear pass of these lands to Stratford, yet for the conveniency of those Indians, no provision being made for planting land for those Indians, we doe grant that they shall have a hundred acres of land laid out to them upon Corum Hill, in some convenient place, by Captn Wm Fowler and Mr. John Burr: and this court also doe grant the sayd Indians liberty to hunt, fowls and fish in Stratford bounds, Milford and Derby, any clause in the deed to the contrary notwithstanding, they doing them no damage. Also Mr. Hawly is to lay out a hundred acres of land on the other side of the river in Milford bounds, to the said Indians.

As for Paquanock Indians, this Court are informed that they have sold their lands, and that there is sufficient quantity of land as Golden Hill reserved for theire planting, and if they need more, upon the discovery thereof it will be considered.



This writing stateth that whereas Captn fowler and Mr. Jehu Burr have been at Corum Hill and layed out one hundred acres of land, be it more or less, bounded with marked trees and Stratford river and Samuel Judson's land, for the use of those Indians, and not to same sale of, that property belonging to Stratford to provide for, according to the law of this colony, we the sd townsmen of Stratford un the behalfe of the towne doe agree to the premises and that the foresd Indians shall have liberty to make improvement of it, they the sayd Indians sufficiently fencing of it. Sufficient highways are agreed on, to be allowed in the sayd land, when and where the occasion shall be





JANUARY 27, 1723

"Know all men by these presents, that whereas certain Turkey Hill Indians upon Stratford River did about May last and before, steal sundry sheep from Stratford side out of Quorum plain and being convicted of the same before authority - the Indians were these: Montique, Tom Will, Ponocurate, Chashamon, Monjono, Chipunch, Menoco, Pelcocuret, - their Sachem tomtonee or Munshanges, engaging to pay eleven pounds tne shillings in money which the said Indians promised to pay for the damage in stealing of sheep, and not having money to pay, the aforesaid Tomtonee, Sagamore, in the behalf of all the other Indians doth make over two parcels of land; the one being about two acres called by the name of lower Quorum upon the great river, that they had of Abraham Harger, the other ten acres of land near the Narrows, bounded with the land of Daniel Shelton, north, south and easterly by the Indians' land in ye bounds of Stratford for the aforesaid sum of eleven pound ten shillings, and forty shillings more in money which we do won to have received already, in all being thirteen pounds ten shillings; all the aforesaid land with all the priviledges, etc. hath made over unto Daniel Shelton of stratfoed in the Colony of Connecticut, to quitclaim unto the said Daniel Shelton and his heirs forever, or so long as he the said Shelton or his heirs sha,, own that they are paid by the improvement of said land. The said Shelton of his own accord doth say that if the General Court or the town of Stratford saith he hath done amiss, he will relinquish the land. The aforesaid tomtonee paying the sum of thirteen pounds ten shillings to aforesaid Shelton ....... and the said Tomtonee, Sagamore, does promise for himself and the rest of said Indians that if ever the land is taken out of the hand of Daniel Shelton or his heirs, that the said Tomtonee will pay back the aforesaid thirteen pounds ten shillings to the aforesaid Shelton or his heirs.


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